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Tuesday, 17 January 2006 16:00

Rick has asthma and it is something he has suffered from since he was a young teenager. When we first got together 11 years ago, he was using three inhalers AND taking a pill each day just to control it. He made some diet and lifestyle changes, such as eliminating dairy products and eggs, and since then he has seen some major changes in his breathing health. He has also been able to stop using two of the inhalers and the pill and uses the remaining inhaler three to four times a week as opposed to 6 to 10 times a day. When Rick returned to Ontario, he contracted a cold and since then, though the cold has cleared up, he needs to use his inhaler several times a day again.

Two weeks ago, we met a fellow RVer who told us about a doctor that she has been going to in Mexico who specializes in treating asthma and arthritis. She used to have asthma so bad that she couldn’t even go upstairs without a great deal of difficulty. Since first seeing Dr. Carrillo over 20 years ago, (and annually since) she never uses an inhaler and remains asthma free. She takes two herbal pills every other day and this treatment costs her approximately $1 a day, a pretty inexpensive price to be feeling well.

Today, we drove to Mexicali, Mexico, just south of El Centro, to Clinica Carrillo to see Dr. Carrillo. Rick’s appointment was set for 10:30 AM so we were up and on the road by 7:30 and we arrived at the clinic by 9:45. After taking an x-ray and gathering a medical history, Dr. Carrillo (who by the way looked to be about 40 years old and was in fact 60) explained to Rick about some of the issues with his asthma. He prescribed a month’s worth of pills (some for a 10-day one time only process) and we left there $200 lighter. Rick’s next appointment will cost much less and then he will only need to return once a year.

We spoke to several other folks in the waiting room, some there for asthma, some for arthritis, and all were very enthusiastic about their treatment. Today we met people from Florida & South Dakota and were told that people flock there from across the USA and Canada to see Dr. Carrillo. The success stories are many so I will let you know how Rick progresses over the next four weeks.

Mexicali is bigger and cleaner (by Mexican standards) than El Gadones, near Yuma, where we went last year.