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Wednesday, 18 January 2006 16:00

Last night, after returning from Mexico, it was really windy and we could tell it had been blowing hard all day. With the wind, comes the noise of the awnings flapping as it gusts through here and also cooler temperatures. Rick brought the awnings in for the first time in a long time so that we could sleep peacefully through the night…and we did. By this morning though the wind had died down, it left a mess in its wake with fallen leaves and debris all over the place.

Now that we are “childless” again, we desperately need to clean the motorhome, inside and out and it is something we are tackling a bit at a time. I am returning to Ontario for a week on Saturday (to visit my sister and mother and renew some documents) so while I am gone, Rick will do most of the cleaning himself. He is the “clean freak” in our relationship so he will be in his element while I’m gone because I won’t be here to mess things up. Besides, it will give him plenty to do (I wouldn’t want him to be bored now would I?).

Today, I packed my suitcase (because we both have a busy day planned for tomorrow) while Rick went to the bird-carving course. I’ve packed the only two sweaters I have with us here and some long sleeved T-shirts, things I have had little use for this winter. Though Ontario is experiencing a warmer than normal winter, it is still colder than here and I am sure it will require some adjusting to. With the packing completed and Rick’s bird looking more like a real one, we are spending the rest of our evening relaxing together.

This picture was one I took on Saturday on our way to Idyllwild.