Meanwhile Back in Palm Springs… PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 January 2006 16:00

Rick has been happily cleaning the interior of the motorhome and gaining much satisfaction with the knowledge that it will stay in order at last until Saturday when I return. Since I left he has managed to keep himself pretty busy with cleaning and dog-sitting for Jennifer, our RV neighbour while she is away. While I have been experiencing a mixture of winter weather, he has been enjoying warm desert sunshine everyday.

Today, I woke up with the beginnings of a cold (big surprise) at 5:35 AM and there was no way I could fall back to sleep. I read until 6:15 when Christine got up to get ready for work and after she left, I showered and lay on the couch reading until it was late enough to go to town and buy some Cold-FX. A friend of Rick’s, Dusty, from Manitoba has been recommending it for some time and had I thought of it, I would have bought some on Monday while I was at Costco. Perhaps if I had started taking it then, this cold would never have materialized but at least I have it now and hopefully it will help reduce the duration of it.

I had a brief visit with Mom at the retirement home, careful not to touch anything or anyone while I was there, and I visited her from a distance. Then I headed to Zehr’s to pick up some ingredients to make some homemade soup, the best cold remedy I know of (or at least cold comfort). By the time it was made I was exhausted and a nap on the couch before my hosts returned home was in order. With luck the Cold-FX and the soup will work their magic and tomorrow I will be feeling much better.