More Rounds and a Great Deal PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 January 2006 16:00

Since arriving here on Saturday night, up until this morning I have managed to visit with my mom, Rosanne, Megan, Dana, another friend, Gitte, my sister and brother-in-law, my nephew Mark and his girlfriend Jeanine and register and cast my vote in the election. I have driven in sunshine and snow squalls, on packed snow and dry pavement and have enjoyed every minute. It is nice to be back in Ontario where the road infrastructure is designed with foresight and intelligence (unlike some I have manoeuvred on in the past few months in California and Vancouver) and the drivers are courteous.

Today I made some more rounds; this time first visiting my dear friend Joyce and then my mom in Orillia followed by Helen at Casino Rama. Joyce is also a former employee of ours in first Handi Maids, (my cleaning company) then Grandview Lodge Resort and finally Coulson Castle Bed & Breakfast. Sadly she suffered from a severe stroke while working at the B & B on September 12, 2001. Since then she has been confined to a wheelchair and relies on help to assist her in her everyday life so I try to pay her a visit whenever I am in town. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss her cheerful face and the companionship she provided when she was physically able and it was wonderful to see her today. It was also nice to visit with my mom and we shared a good chat before I headed out to Casino Rama to meet with Helen.

After Helen and I exchanged big hugs we found a restaurant to sit quietly and enjoy each others company while having a late lunch. She will be coming to Palm Springs for a visit in about three weeks but we are such great friends that we never seem to get enough time together. Helen coaxed me (it didn’t take much) to play the slot machines for awhile after lunch and I splurged on the nickel machines (I hate losing money). Luck was on my side this time and I won $20 on each of three machines leaving there with an additional $61.85, not much by most people’s standards but for a non gambler like me, it was big bucks! My winnings made my earlier purchase of new moccasins from the Rama Moccasin Shop cost only $.15, not a bad deal at all!