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Wednesday, 15 February 2006 16:00

Yesterday finally, we are experiencing the weather we had expected to enjoy while we are in Mexico; sunshine (though there were cloudy periods) and a high of 26C. We decided to start our day like many visitors coming to a sunny place from a cooler climate; at the pool, though I think it was primarily because for today and Friday, we are expecting rain. While Rick read and enjoyed the rays, I headed to the cybercafé to upload three days of journaling and some pictures. Once I got back to the pool, we were both restless so we headed to Playa Del Carmen to catch the ferry to Cozumel. We figured we were so close; it would have been a shame to have been down here and not go there.

Cozumel requires either a half hour ferry ride from Playa Del Carmen or a plane ride or longer ferry ride from Cancun. For $10US each we boarded the ferry and cruised across the water at 18 knots and what a ride it was! Yours truly was feeling very seasick by the time my feet were back on solid ground and I was dreading the return. At both Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen we could see several cruise ships in the harbours and the streets were packed with folks from the huge ocean liners. We rented a “hog”, (okay a little scooter) and rode a few kilometres up the road to Mr. Sanchez ‘s Beach Resort, a little beachfront complex with a restaurant and bar, a pool and several crafts vendors overlooking the Ocean. There we enjoyed an alcohol-free pina-colada and we watched the sun appearing to make it’s descent into the aqua water.

The return ferry ride was even worse than the first one and the attendants were handing out cute little pink barf bags to several of the passengers but somehow I managed not to need one. Once we reached Playa Del Carmen, we walked the streets until we found a restaurant that appealed to us. (There are dozens to choose from.) We feasted on a delicious seafood platter for two, complete with lobster, crab and “octopus” as well as some shrimp, calamari and grouper. The food had a calming effect on my upset stomach which is exactly what I needed and it was a perfect end to a great (though a little nauseating) day.

Today we are taking advantage of the “all-inclusive” pass at the Moon Palace Resort which I will report on tomorrow. The weather is cloudy, with possible rain but it is a warm 27C and we should have an inexpensive, filling day.