A Rainy Day in Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 February 2006 16:00

When it rains in Mexico, it really rains!! Our plan was to spend the day enjoying the Moon Palace Resort; the food, the pool and the amenities, however, the torrential rains altered our plans a little. Though there are no snow covered highways here, driving on them during a rainstorm is quite comparable and on our way to Moon Palace, we passed the remnants of a few car accidents.

Once we arrived at the resort, the “run” from the parking lot to the main reception area is not sheltered and we were both soaked. (At that point, we looked as though we’d been swimming!) Inside, we located one of several restaurants that were still serving breakfast at 11:00 AM and we proceeded to enjoy an assortment of foods, including stewed cactus. (It was delicious!) We then sat in the lobby bar area (with hundreds of other folks avoiding the rain) enjoying free virgin Pina Coladas and playing cards but after a while that gets pretty boring. Eventually, during a break in the weather we drove back to our resort where we watched television, read and did our laundry.

Later, once it was dark and the rain had subsided we headed back to Moon Palace where we enjoyed a delicious a la carte dinner at their Asian restaurant. Though we didn’t get to enjoy the amenities at Moon Palace, we did eat and drink for free and we got caught up on our laundry so the day wasn’t a total write off.

I took no pictures today but I have included a picture of the pool area at Moon Palace taken during our tour of it on Sunday.