An RV Park In Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 February 2006 16:00

Yesterday, on our way to Tulum, we passed a large sign indicating that there was an RV park down one road. After we returned from our excursion and had a small lunch at the hotel, we decided to go back to the RV Park to explore it. It was only a thirty five minute drive from our hotel and only a few minutes south of Playa Del Carmen where we wanted to have dinner.

As soon as we drove into the park located on a beautiful beach we encountered dozens of motorhomes, fifth wheel trailers and travel trailers with licence plates from all over Canada and the US. We stopped to talk to someone who was staying there to learn about the park, the rates and the drive to get there. The first couple we spoke to were from Quebec and they had limited English skills however the next gentleman was from Saskatchewan and he had lots to say. He had been coming to this area for 13 years but only recently with his fifth wheel trailer. They paid $4300 US to keep it parked here year round and for that they have full hook-ups with 30 Amp service and it covers their taxes. They do not have an ocean front site but like the majority of the “campers” there, they have a Casita built around and over their RV. These Casita’s cost the residents anywhere from $15,000 US upwards, depending on how elaborate they are. Many of the Casita’s completely surround the trailers and motorhomes so much that you cannot even see what is inside but they are equipped with kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. The reason for them is to keep the RV roofs shaded from the sun and the sites protected from the rains which can be torrential. Some of them suffered greatly during the hurricanes; others barely at all. There was an ocean front swimming pool along with a beautiful open-air restaurant beside it. There are also Cabanas available for rent and the owner of the park is also building an oceanfront hotel.

The downside of staying here are the bugs, snakes, scorpions, humidity, rain, 30 AMP service as opposed to 50 AMP needed to run two air-conditioners and all our appliances at the same time, hurricanes and of course the price. Yes, it is serene; the aqua blue ocean is stunning, the white beaches are beautiful but we are spoiled by the dry, critter-less and inexpensive park we stay at in Desert Hot Springs. We would still like to come down to Mexico with the motorhome for a winter but we know it won’t be a permanent destination.