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Monday, 22 May 2006 16:00

Well it is another rainy day in Eugene and today is the rainiest it has been since we arrived here last Wednesday. I wonder what it is about rainy days that makes us want to sleep in and do very little all day long? The rain stopped for a little while this afternoon but by the time we got organized to go somewhere, it started up again and we went back home. So much for exploring the area!

The good news is our RVing friends, Rich and Laura, will be pulling in here sometime tomorrow and we will have a couple of days together before we get on our way. We have been keeping in touch with the Ouellette’s since we went in different directions after the FMCA event in Pomona and are looking forward to our reunion (albeit brief). It seems they are also being plagued with precipitation so at least we can find ways to pass the rainy time together.

We will miss our friends when we leave here on Friday but the best news of all is that we are hoping to arrive in Mission in the early evening. That means we will be spending lots of time with our little grandson, Makai and his soon-to-arrive (July 9th) sibling. We’re told he is developing quite a vocabulary and we are hoping that Granni and Grandpa will be two new words he will master this summer.