Passing Time On A Rainy Day PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 May 2006 16:00

We were watching the local Eugene news last night and learned that a major storm swept through here yesterday and somehow it missed us altogether. By missing us, I mean we were absolutely untouched by any wild weather here at Deerwood Park, hence we were unaware that folks in Eugene and Springfield had been blasted by severe winds and hail. Apparently it struck just after we returned home and the crazy thing is that it was a really large weather system yet somehow we were completely bypassed.

It is a Canadian holiday today, Victoria Day, a day to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday (happy holiday friends!) but here in the US, it is business as usual. It was also another rainy day so instead of doing any site-seeing we chose to do some shopping then take in a movie instead. We headed to Costco, a store that is always interesting to do some product comparisons at because we find that each store is slightly different. Though we only bought some fruit there, we discovered the largest laptop computer selection we have seen at a Costco store at some really good prices.

The movie we chose to see was the Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks because Rick had already read the book and it had several viewing times to choose from throughout the day. The book by Dan Brown is one of the most widely read books of all time and there has been a lot of hype about it. Though it is fiction, the movie certainly gives the viewer a lot to think about, especially when it comes to the interpretation of the bible. When we emerged from the theatre we found it to be dry outside and the sun was shining, so once again the forecast wasn’t quite accurate and believe me we ARE NOT complaining!!

When we returned to the Moho we went for a short walk around the park and Rick tried his hand at horseshoes!