Our Friends Have Arrived! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 May 2006 16:00

When we got up this morning, it looked like we just might have a reprieve from the rainy weather we have been experiencing lately. Well, we thought wrong and soon enough it was raining once again. At one point, it seemed like out of nowhere, a rush of wind and rain hit so fast and so hard, it looked like we might lose our awning. As fast as it came, it subsided and the awning remained intact, whew!

As the morning progressed, our friend Laura (of Rich and Laura fame) started an email dialogue with me to keep us informed of their location. (They were heading here.) When they were about an hour away, the rain stopped and things started to dry up. We went for a walk and picked out a site that we thought they would like (there were none near us) and where they could enjoy the next week. Once they arrived we had an excited reunion and learned about their last few adventurous days on some of the same winding California roads we had maneuvered before them. (Be sure to read their Blog to learn about it.)

Tonight the four of us went into Eugene to enjoy some really yummy sushi at one of several sushi restaurants in the city before returning to Rich and Laura’s motorhome for a visit with Snuggles, their cockatoo. While there, the two “R’s”, Rich and Rick, spent some time going through Rich’s new windshield repair kit and comparing notes. (The two R’s are so much alike, it’s almost scary!) It sure is nice to see our friends again!