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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 16:00

The main reason we decided to stop in Las Vegas on our way to Desert Hot Springs is because there is a Bernard Passman Gallery here where we can get our wedding rings polished. They get a little banged up and scratched from daily wearing and because they came with a lifetime care warranty, we try to get them polished at least once a year.

This morning when we got up, Rick started his day by doing something he hadn’t been able to do for awhile; clean and polish the outside of the Moho. With the weather we have been going through for the past month, it has gotten a little dirty so I think both Rick and the Moho where pretty happy. After he was done we went for a long walk around the Oasis RV Park, which was easy to do because this place is huge. We then drove down to Las Vegas Blvd. aka “The Strip”, to go to the Venetian Casino, where the Passman Gallery is located. Like many of the casinos here, the indoor shopping gallery is extremely elaborate and is fashioned after streets and canals in Venice, Italy. There are even gondola rides available both inside and outside in the canal that has been built throughout the mall.

We treated ourselves to a delicious, authentic Italian lunch at Zefferino Ristorante and then we strolled along the strip to walk some of it off! The weather was superb, it wasn’t crazy busy like it was when we were here in the spring and our walk was interesting and enjoyable. Las Vegas, still one of the fastest growing cities in the US, is constantly changing and we are always entertained when we visit however it certainly fits the expression “nice place but I sure wouldn’t want to live here!”