Californ-I-A…We’re Baaaack! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 October 2006 16:00

We had fun in Las Vegas; last night on our way back to the RV park we stopped at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, located at the Silverton Casino, across Highway 15 from the Oasis. When we stayed in Vegas last, (spring of 2004) we stayed at the Silverton RV Park and the Bass Pro wasn’t yet built. If dead animals are your thing then Bass Pro would be right up your alley. These stores are huge, testosterone oozing, macho-man type stores where one can find anything outdoorsy, non-organic and not my thing at all. We wandered around the camping section for a while then headed into the casino.

I am such a pathetic gambler; I hate wasting money so I took my $20 “allowance” and played for two hours on a penny machine. My $20 bill hovered between $22 and $14 for most of that time but in the last 30 minutes it disappeared pretty quickly, especially when my biggest gamble was only $.18! Rick takes bigger risks so consequently his $20 lasted less than an hour and he spent the rest of the time wandering around the Bass Pro and waiting for me. Ah well, it was entertaining if nothing else!

Today we headed to Desert Hot Springs via a less traveled route; through the Mojave Desert, past a dead volcano and dried up lake beds. In fact, it was the route we took last spring on the motorcycle only this time we were comfortable and made better time. We arrived at Catalina just before 4:00 PM and got settled in our new site. It will take another day to put things where we want them and set things up both inside and out, but it is nice to be back.