Keeping Them Busy PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 January 2007 16:00

Since we arrived back to Catalina Spa & RV Park, Rick and I have been busy with work and Christine and Fred have been busy sightseeing and exploring the area.

On Monday Rick woke up with a severe migraine and spent most of the day in bed so while I hung out at the Moho with him, Chris and Fred went to Joshua Tree National Park. On Tuesday, Rick and I both worked so we sent our guests on a trek to the Cabazon Premium Outlet Mall and then on a sightseeing expedition to Idyllwild up in the mountains. So far they have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed good weather on their daytrips and have had plenty of photo opportunities as a result.

Today after work, Chris, Fred, Rick and I went into Palm Springs for a short tour of the downtown area and dinner at The Fisherman’s Market Restaurant. It was nice to get out with them at last to actually be the tour guides that we should be when we have company visiting us. On our way into town, the moon was just beginning to peek out from behind the nearby hills. It was so stunning we stopped to take a picture but unfortunately, my photographic skills are so limited this is the best I could get. The background is just as it was rising, the foreground was seconds later once it was up in the sky.