Jamie Finally Arrives PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 January 2007 16:00

Last winter we tried very hard to get all of our kids and their significant others to come here for a visit. Four of the five offspring made it here and we all had an enjoyable time. Try as he might with his work schedule, Jamie, the youngest, and the one who lives the farthest away in Thunder Bay, Ontario couldn’t get here.

In September of 2005, Rick and I crossed from central Ontario to BC with Chris and Fred via the Trans-Canada Highway through Thunder Bay. We had a short visit with Jamie and his girlfriend Mary then. Jamie flew out to Vancouver shortly after and that was the last time we saw him.

Last summer when we drove to Ontario and back by car in one week, we stopped in Thunder Bay late one night and stayed at Jamie’s house even though he was away for work. (He’s a pilot with Bearskin Airlines in Thunder Bay) Mary, too, was working arriving home after we were in bed sleeping and we left the next morning before she was up so we didn’t see her either.

Today Jamie finally came here for a visit. He flew into Minneapolis and from there to here, arriving at 11:30 this morning. Mary couldn’t get the time off work so unfortunately we won’t be able to see her but at least “my boy” made it here at last. Right now I am a happy Mom!