Better Than Dessert PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 January 2007 16:00

I love sugar. Uh huh, I admit it BUT….I have made a promise to myself to no longer include sugar in my daily diet, at least not refined or processed sugar. It’s my New Years resolution so we’ll see how well I do with it. Much to Rick’s chagrin, who is also a sugar lover, when I cut something out of my diet, it means I cut it out of his too and so together we are both attempting to be “sugarfree”. Last night we took our visitors to downtown Palm Springs for dinner and we both managed to skip dessert, a big achievement.

Today Christine, Fred, Jamie, Rick and I went to the Cabazon Premier Outlet Mall to shop. Rick and I didn’t exchange gifts this Christmas and today was our gift to each other for Christmas and our birthdays, which are coming up soon. (BTW, Rick’s is tomorrow!)

We all had a very productive day, scoring some great deals and then returning to Catalina RV Park with the car loaded with goodies. For me a new pair of shoes and a nice outfit beats sugar all to heck anyway and lasts a lot longer than any dessert.

It will be interesting to see how well our visitors manage to pack their suitcases for their return trips.