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Monday, 01 January 2007 16:00

p>Reflecting back to last year, which was a great year, I have to ask myself “how did 2006 go by so fast”? Then I realize that we packed a lot into it and it starts to make sense.

We both spent time in Ontario, individually and together, at least twice; we spent a week in Mexico, the summer in Mission, BC, the fall in Alberta, Montana and Utah and part of the winter in California before winding up back in Mission. We drove across Canada, from BC to Ontario and then back again through the US. We spent one long weekend in the Okanagan Valley, one in Victoria BC and another in Salem, Oregon.

My mother passed away, making my sister and me “adult orphans” and Karley presented Rick and I with a granddaughter, Monet, our second grandchild. Bill proposed to Laura and they accompanied us from Ontario on our road trip back to Mission. Makai learned to walk, then talk; going from being a crawling baby to a conversing toddler, an infant to a boy who knows and loves us in only a year. Jay moved to Vancouver and is healthy with no reoccurrence of cancer for another year.

There have been many changes and yet so much remains the same. We are back at Catalina Spa for the winter, the motorhome is still “home sweet home”, our cat, Sam, and Rick and I continue to enjoy good health; so much to be grateful for. Life is all about change, accepting it and adapting to it, something we seem to be good at and according to some, a way to stay young. I guess we’ll see.

In the meantime, 2007 brings with it, a wedding, Bill and Laura’s, and so we already see great things lying ahead. My sister and Fred are here visiting us now, Jamie (my youngest son) might be here tomorrow for a short visit and Karley, Ian and our grandbabies are coming here in February. Yup, I see another great year in the forecast!