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Tuesday, 09 January 2007 16:00

We managed to get a full night’s sleep last night and what a difference it makes to how we feel! Who would know just how important eight hours would be? Anyway, our vacation from our “holiday” lifestyle is over and it is time to get back to “normal”.

Most folks laugh when I tell them that we were on vacation because it is just assumed that if you live and travel in a motorhome that life is just a permanent holiday. However, we learned very quickly once we started down this path that it is important to treat fulltiming as just a different lifestyle. I remember how in our first year we ate, slept and explored like we were on holidays and soon enough we had both gained quite a bit of weight. It was also tough on the bank balance and since then we have been trying to live within a budget. Ah, how life has changed!

Today we both dug our heels in and got back to work; Rick doing some putting green tending and landscaping and me, working in the sales office. We both had a busy day and then headed out to do some shopping; vacations are also hard on the grocery inventory. We’re preparing for a cold spell which is moving into the area again tomorrow and hopefully because of it, we’ll find some time in the next few days to do some “housecleaning”. Yup, I guess we are once again to “normal”!