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Monday, 08 January 2007 16:00

Despite our best intentions we did not get in an early night last night because after dinner we decided to go to the Bellagio Casino to watch their water & light show. It was quite spectacular and we are glad we went but by the time we got back to the condo and tucked into bed it was getting close to midnight. I had a computer class scheduled at 1:00 this afternoon so we had to get on the road early to be there on time; hence we were up at 6:30. Why is it when we know that we have to get up early we wake up every hour to see what time it is? Anyway we are truly pooped tonight and will be hitting the old “fart-sack” shortly!

On our way out of town we drove Fred to the airport to pick up a rental car for him and Christine to use for the next couple of days. The weather is supposed to remain clear and warm until Friday and today they were going to explore Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. By picking the car up at the airport they will be able to drive themselves there for their departure on Thursday night.

We had a really wonderful time over the past three and a half weeks; first spending time with Karley and her family in BC, then spending time sightseeing and visiting with my sister and Fred and finally having a few days with Jamie. Las Vegas was a great place for our last few days and we already miss our visitors. Thanks to everyone for all the fun times and great memories!