In Pursuit of Good Thai Food PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 January 2007 16:00

Rick and I love Thai food; it is loaded with flavour and is usually a fairly healthy choice of cuisine. Last year we had an unfortunate experience with Thai food while we were in Eugene, Oregon; we had some that was laced with MSG, not a typical ingredient in Thai food but common in Chinese. We learned at 4:00 the next morning that we cannot tolerate MSG when we both woke up with massive headaches; mine lasting three days! Needless to say, we are very cautious when we find a Thai restaurant and we always ask if they use MSG.

When we were in Vegas we spent two evenings in our pursuit of a Thai restaurant, mistakenly thinking that we would have no problem finding one in Sin City. We looked in the yellow pages and we also asked some locals where there was a good Thai restaurant. Much to our disappointment we could not find one; we found several Thai/Chinese establishments, all using MSG, but no authentic Thai food restaurants.

Tonight we went to Trader Joe’s in Cathedral City to get the last of our grocery shopping done and to our delight discovered a new Thai restaurant had opened across the road from it. After our groceries were in the car we crossed the street and tried the food at the Thai Taste Restaurant. Now we can shop at our favourite grocery store and then dine in our new favourite restaurant without moving the car! The food was wonderful; very flavourful and everything we expect when we eat Thai, all served with NO MSG!!!!

This is a picture I borrowed from Fred, my brother-in-law taken by him while at his hunt camp last year. This little fox greeted the hunting party as they arrived at their cabin and kept hanging around until they scared him away!