A Day of Extremes PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 January 2007 16:00

Today is my “day off” and I needed it. I know, I know, most folks think that fulltiming means you have every day off but volunteering changes that. Between teaching computer classes and answering phones in the sales office my days are very full, particularly when I troubleshoot computer problems on the side.

My intention had been to spend my day learning how to use our new webpage; it’s up and running but we won’t go “live” with it until I know what I am doing. Instead I spent most of my day helping folks with their computers and watching a flurry of activity at the hummingbird feeder. It must have been a “full-moon” for computers last night because I encountered one problematic computer after another; with weird glitches, many that remain unresolved.

The weather here is cold AGAIN (just like the east, the western part of the continent is experiencing some abnormal weather, too) and today it was cloudy and windy with the high of only 13C (55.4F). Looking across the valley, it looked like Indio and some of the other cities may even have had rain and we won’t be surprised if the surrounding mountains are covered in snow by tomorrow morning. As a result of the cold, the hummingbirds seemed to need more sugar water to sustain them as there was a constant flow of tiny humming visitors at the feeder all day. And so it was a day of extremes; between the crazy weather, the hungry birds and the wonky computers, my day off didn’t really happen. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

Speaking of extremes, on our way to Vegas last Saturday, we came across this “shoe tree”. It isn’t the first one we have encountered in our travels and I’m not quite sure why they occur but they are kind of neat to see!