My Camera Is On Vacation PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 January 2007 16:00

Since we returned from Vegas on Tuesday, I haven’t taken a single picture. Usually I am clicking away at just about anything as this website is proof of.

In October my camera was really dirty; there was dust and debris all over the inside of the lens and sensor, making my pictures look a little “spotty”. I took it in to a camera shop where they cleaned it to the best of their ability but it didn’t last long. Finally I sent it to Canon and had it professionally cleaned and it has stayed clean since. Prior to it getting dirty I would change my lenses regularly going from my wide angle lens to my zoom lens, sometimes several times a day. I was always “playing” with my camera taking some interesting (though maybe not so good) pictures, and having fun along the way. Even though I was always careful and tried to be in as much a dust-free area as I could, I still managed to get my camera dirty.

I have become quite paranoid about changing lenses and my enthusiasm for picture taking has diminished a bit, hence I take fewer photos. I know that self-cleaning cameras are now available and someday I will own one but in the meantime I will continue to take pictures just not quite as many. When the weather warms up I will start snapping once again but for today I will use this one, taken by Fred, of the California coastline near Cathedral City, California.