They’re Here!! PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 04 February 2007 16:00

This morning Karley, Makai and Monet were up earlier than usual and on their way to the Vancouver airport at a time when they were normally just getting started with their day. For Ian it was pretty much his usual morning routine however today he had three passengers with him and instead of going to Burnaby for work he was heading to the airport to catch a flight to Palm Springs.

Karley is not unlike her mother and the knowledge that she had to get up early prevented her from getting much more than two hours sleep. This was the family’s first big trip together and despite sleep shortages and schedule changes both the little ones and their parents did extremely well. Mom and Dad arrived here exhausted but safe with their offspring in tow shortly after 1:00 PM.

They are staying in one of the one-bedroom rental units here and so tonight Makai is having a sleepover at Granni and Grampa’s house; he is sleeping with Grampa while Granni sleeps in the living room. If all goes well this is the way we will spend the next nine nights so that everyone wakes up rested everyday.

Late this afternoon Makai, Ian and Rick went for a swim in the pool and this evening we all went up the road to Josephine’s Restaurant for an early dinner. As I write this everyone is in bed sleeping at 9:00 (except me of course but I will be shortly). We are excited to have the family here and look forward to spending the next several days together.