And It Continues…. PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 February 2007 16:00

Wow! The weather has suddenly become very hot and are we loving it. Though the overnight low was what we have been experiencing for a while, 7C (45F), today we saw a high of 28C (82F) and we enjoyed every second of it.

We started our day with a motorcycle ride into Rancho Mirage for brunch and because of our gorgeous weather, leather was not part of our attire. We even sat outside on the restaurant patio basking in the warm sunshine while we enjoyed our yummy meal. It was heaven! From there we ventured over to the College of the Desert Street Fair; our first visit there this season was last weekend and we saw some booths we wanted to check out further. Besides, wandering around in temperatures over 25C just felt so darned good!

When we returned to the park, a swim in the pool seemed in order and so swim, we did; we just wanted to make the day last forever! Karley, Ian, Makai and Monet are arriving tomorrow so it will be nice if this weather will last for the next few days as forecasted. This is a picture of Rick, practicing his Grampa moves for Makai!!