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Monday, 05 February 2007 16:00

Last night while Grampa and Makai slept in a nice cosy king size bed, Granni (aka yours truly) slept alone on the couch in the living room. Though the couch is a fold out with a comfy pillow-top air mattress, in my infinite wisdom thought I’d be fine just laying on the couch in its “unfolded” state. I woke up (one of a dozen times through the night) at 4:40 AM and asked myself what was more important; my walk or more sleep. Sleep won! Needless to say, tonight I am opening up the couch!

Rick reported that his sleep was a little unsettled; apparently Makai is a restless sleeper and makes a variety of noises while he sleeps. Meanwhile Makai informed me that he had a good sleep and Grampa didn’t snore (I beg to differ)! This morning Karley and Ian arrived at the motorhome with Monet shortly after the three not-quite-rested-sleepyheads woke up and it seems there was some adjusting to do in their place too.

Makai’s day was filled with swimming (he and Grampa went twice), playing golf (or a reasonable attempt at it) on the putting green, riding around on the golf cart (with Grampa, Mommy and/or Granni and having a long nap in the afternoon. Monet enjoyed riding in her stroller, picking the grass on the putting green, swimming with her mom and dad, eating and napping. She is still teething, hence the rosy cheeks, but as you can see she remains a happy, chubby little thing just the same.

Tonight Ian had to fly to San Francisco on business but will return tomorrow night to continue his vacation. Makai is sleeping in our king size bed again and will be joined by his Grampa later. Karley will try a slightly different sleeping arrangement with Monet and I will be on the couch folded out as a bed, so hopefully we will all be better rested tomorrow.