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Tuesday, 06 February 2007 16:00

Last night I slept on the fold-out sofa bed…folded out. Who would know it would make that much of a difference? However because I haven’t been turning out the lights until after 10:00 PM, I am afraid my early morning walk hasn’t been happening. I just must get my eight hours of sleep and if I don’t walk at 5:00 AM, there isn’t enough time in the morning to get the things I need to do done before I start work. Oh well, I guess I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Today was my birthday and unlike Rick, there were no Vegas lights for me. In fact it was pretty much just another day except I did receive several nice birthday cards, eCards and phone calls from family members and friends. Sue, my “boss”, gave me the day off and I spent it with Karley, Monet, Makai and Rick. This morning Karley and I took the kids for a ride around the park in the golf cart, something Makai really enjoys. Rick and I will celebrate my birthday on Valentine’s Day when we are back to being just a couple and in the meantime I will just enjoy having the wee ones around.

Wouldn’t you know it, this is the week that the new website will be launched and Steve my “web dude” has asked me to hold back my entries on Thursday and Friday so he can transition things over without missing anything. I am nervous because I haven’t quite mastered the way things are inserted but Steve assures me that he will be around on the weekend to help (by email or phone). Look for the changes and all the entries on the new site and please bear with us while things get changed over.