Dad's Dinner PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 27 December 2003 00:00

When Dad was alive, it was a tradition for our family to get together and have a spaghetti dinner for his birthday. As far back as I can remember the tradition was that in honour of our birthday's we would choose the menu for the birthday dinner. Depending on our age and our preferences at that time, the menu could often be very interesting. Dad was always consistent with his choice of spaghetti, his favourite meal.

We continue to honour him by getting together on Dad's birthday to have his favourite dinner. This year we had to change the date to the 27th, because I was too sick on his birthday, the 23rd. I made a vegetarian sauce and Christine made a meat sauce. We all ventured over to Chris & Fred's home on Saturday afternoon. The kids stopped in Orillia to visit with Mom on their way to Coldwater. Mary (Jamie's girlfriend) was finally able to join us which was a relief because I was afraid I wouldn't get to say goodbye to her.

Rick had brought some videos of Christmases and birthdays of the past with Dad and with Jim in them. We were well entertained. When it came time to say goodbye, Christine cried and for the first time, I did too. The reality was finally sinking in!

Clockwise from the top left in the picture is my nephew, Mark, my niece Jody, Jay, Jamie, Karley, Rick, me, my brother-in-law Fred and my sister, Christine.