Karley Goes Home PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 December 2003 00:00
Today we are taking Karley to Toronto Pearson Airport so she can go home. We cleaned up the Christmas rental house and headed into Barrie. We were meeting Dana, Richard, Noah and Jamie, Mary and Jay for lunch before we left. We had a great lunch at Kelsey's and afterwards said our goodbyes. Dana and Richard went with us over to Costco while we bought a digital camera. I had decided I needed to have a camera of my own. It seemed whenever I borrowed Rick's I was filming over previous recorded stuff or just plain erasing his pictures and I was wearing his patience thin.

Imagine our surprise when Dana and Richard bought the camera for us. It was such a kind gesture, completely unexpected but something they wanted to do. I was insistent that I should take some pictures of Noah before we left and I managed to figure out the camera enough to get 7 photos of him. Sadly though, while reading the "how-to" brochure I managed to erase them. I am now waiting for Dana to email me some pictures so that I can put them on this site.

We tearfully said goodbye and headed to Toronto. Because we couldn't take Karley right to the airport in the motorhome, we stopped on the airport strip and hailed her a cab. She was excited to get home where she was being met by Ian, her new love. We hugged goodbye, knowing in a few months we would be joining her in Vancouver. Then we headed to Milton where we knew there was a year round campground.