It Was Meant to Be PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 December 2003 00:00

Karley & RosanneI have previously written about Rosanne and how I feel we were destined to connect but I have to tell you about the video. Tonight, after Rosanne and Jamie had gone home, we decided to look at some of the many old videotapes that we have. Rick pulled them out and we proceeded to watch lots of memories in the making.

Among the videos was one of a Pow Wow in Rama from 2001 that we attended with friends of ours, Chuck and Joanne Craig. As we watched the colourful dancers and listened to the drumming, Rosanne came into view. It was as if Rick had trained the camera onto her and we watched her dance around the arena with many other people. We didn't know each other or know of each other at all then. It was the strangest thing. I am absolutely convinced that we were meant to get together, probably even sooner but we weren't doing it so finally The Big Guy intervened!

Here is Karley and Rosanne enjoying a moment together yesterday.