Thanksgiving, What a Weekend! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 October 2003 00:00

On Friday night, Rosanne conducted the first Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Jay, myself, Rick and Bill were among the attendees. It was a wonderful, spiritual event and we all shared some very special prayers with each other. I felt so honoured to be a part of something so sacred.

We had been preparing for our final garage sale to be held on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Now that the sale of the house was becoming a reality, we needed to part with everything that the kids didn't want and we didn't need. We filled the big, pole barn with tables and loaded them with clothes, books, dishes, video games, bedding, tools, equipment, old luggage and anything else we could find that we had to get rid of. We had given away the goats, sheep, pigs and chickens in late August and the llamas went back to their original owners so we even had a lot of livestock equipment to sell. Whatever didn't sell we gave to some friends and the rest went to Goodwill or the local landfill.

On Saturday night, Rick and I attended his high school reunion and we took the motorhome with us. It was so nice to be able to go "home" when we wanted to and not have to drive anywhere. The boys had a final farewell party at the house and we didn't want to go back and interfere so it worked out well for everyone.

On Sunday, we got up early and headed to the Pow Wow at Rama. I am always so moved when the dancers enter and the Pow Wow starts, I get goose bumps everywhere and I become very emotional. When the Grand Entry started with the war veterans leading the parade of dancers, I could only think of my Dad and how proud I was of him as he had defended our freedom in World War 2. I danced (actually I have NO rhythm so on my part it was more of a walk) around the arena once with Rosanne and she taught us many things about the native traditions. We purchased some native folk art, a scarf and a drum in the craft fair. All in all, we had a wonderful weekend!