Clearing Out The House PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 October 2003 00:00

We listed the larger items in The Supershopper, a local buy and sell magazine. I also listed some collectables on eBay with great success. We sold our two desks and converted my old office back into a sunken living room. We were no longer taking guests in at the B & B so we started to take our artwork down and separated the stuff that the kids would be taking. We tried to divide everything evenly among the four kids in Ontario. It would be too costly to ship furniture to Karley in BC and she had some very nice furniture of her own already, so we had decided to give her some cash instead.

Angie was the first one to start clearing out what she was taking. She also had to find a new home for her stuff that was stored in one of the garages. The house was getting emptier all the time. The purchasers were very anxious for the deal to come together so we arranged a meeting to discuss changing the closing date. They indicated that they would like to get possession by December 1st and we assured them that we could be ready by then. We organized two moving dates for the rest of the furniture going to Jay and Bill and Jamie and Mary. We sorted through the linens and towels and figured out which child got what. There were enough dish sets for each household and there were more than enough knives and forks to outfit everyone.

I remembered when Jim and I set up house for the first time with milk crates, boards and bricks for tables and posters for artwork. These kids had each received a good bedroom suite, living room furniture, carpets, kitchen furniture and utensils, quality bedding, towels and lamps, among other things. It was nice to know that the furniture was going to our kids to help them out. I just hoped they understood how lucky they were!