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Saturday, 08 November 2003 00:00

black butterfly (custom).jpg

The feeling that November 7th and 8th were significant dates wouldn't leave. I decided to send some Reiki to the purchasers on the 5th and 6th, just to help the process. They had received a conditional offer on their house earlier in the month and those buyers received a conditional offer on their home on November 7th. Even though things were happening in a domino effect, I felt that they would soon close up and the deal would become firm. Later, in conversations with the purchasers, I found out that the defining point for them occurred on the evening of November 5th. A business change had occurred on that evening that would permit them to remove the conditions.

On November 8th, Rosanne conducted her 2nd Sweat Lodge ceremony. This time, only females attended and it was very cold out. The sky was clear and blue but the air cooled rapidly when the sun went down. As we were preparing the fire and cleaning up the area, Rosanne came across a little fuzzy caterpillar. She picked him up and moved him out of the path of danger. Shortly after, the most beautiful black butterfly appeared. The temperature was below freezing and we had two very alive signs from nature of the new growth we were experiencing. During the sweat, Running Bear spoke. He thanked us for acknowledging the messages from nature and he told us we were all on the right path with the white light and to stay on it. He advised us to continue to pay attention to nature, as there are many messages there for us. Wow, what a wonderful experience! Even though we didn't get as hot as we normally would, it was an amazing evening just the same. I consider myself so blessed to part of this life!

My thanks to Google Images for the picture of the Black Butterfly; it is just like the one we saw today.