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Tuesday, 07 October 2003 00:00

Rick and I went with Gayle (Rick's sister) and Graham (her husband and Dana's dad) to Nashville for the weekend. They had purchased a motorhome a few weeks before and were going to Florida but wanted us to accompany them part way on their first trip. We have all been to Nashville before and thought it was a good halfway point and we allowed ourselves a couple of days to get there and a couple of days to get back. We had a great trip. Gayle and Graham really took to RVing and we had a lot of fun exploring Kentucky and Tennessee together.

On our way down to Tennessee, Barb from Remax called to say an offer was coming in. She knew we would be away until the 7th so it would wait until after we got back. We had a feeling that these people just might become the new owners of our house. They had been back three times and were really interested. I still felt that November 8th was a significant date and Jim had “told” Rosanne November 7th was the date, so I was curious to see how this would play out. Sure enough Barb came to us with a conditional offer when we returned. However, the dates on the offer stated that December 7th would be when the condition (the sale of their home) had to be met and the actual closing date was set for January 7th.

Their house was well priced and the real estate people felt that selling their house would not be difficult. It was finally official though......we had an offer!Smile