The Internet, the Angels and Reiki PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 15 March 2003 00:00

I always felt that I had a guardian angel. It seems that no matter what kind of misadventure I encountered as I was growing up, I always landed on my feet. I often said I had one very hard working guardian angel or more than one looking out for me.

My spirituality was growing rapidly. Aside from the many books I was reading, I was exploring the internet constantly. During my research, I have come to believe that we are always surrounded by angels. They are with us from birth and come and go as we need them. My belief of angels was only enhanced once I went on the internet and connected with others that believed the same. There are hundreds of angel sites on the web where like-minded individuals can connect and I went to a lot of them. The more I read the more I believed. Some of my dreams became clearer and I felt closer to our Creator than I ever have. I often woke up just "hearing" a suggestion.

One morning I woke up and told Rick that I wanted to learn Reiki. At that time, I knew nothing about Reiki. It just came to me through the night that I should do this, so I went online to find out what Reiki was and if indeed, it was something I could do. As "luck" would have it, there were several Reiki Master's in Barrie and I called Valerie Samson an acquaintance I hadn't seen in years who happened to be one. We scheduled a time that we could get together and she could attune me to my Level 1. Little did I know that we were about to open the floodgates!