Spiritual Multiplication PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Friday, 25 April 2003 00:00

After, my attunement to my Reiki Level 1, my spiritual growth exploded. My dreams became vivid messages from something/someone much greater than myself. I woke up every morning with my head spinning, full of amazing messages. There was a constant "downloading" sound in my ears that initially I thought was tinnitus but as I researched more, realised it was something else. I found myself attracting other like-minded people at the supermarket, through the internet and standing in line. People I have known for years, started to talk to me about their own spirituality, something we never discussed before.

I stopped worrying about when the house would sell and concentrated on learning all I could about what was happening to me. Rick listened to me ramble on, often with a worried look on his face but always with understanding and patience. I practiced my Reiki on him with wonderful results. The kids too were most supportive and also enjoyed being my guinea pigs. I was excited about everything and gave thanks daily. I took nothing for granted. More than ever, I knew that our decision to become "gypsies" was the right one and that when the timing was right, we would sell the house and leave it for the last time.