The First Yard Sale PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 25 May 2003 00:00

We decided to have a yard sale on the long weekend. We still had so much stuff that we didn't have a need for and the kids didn't show an interest in. It took a week to set it up in the big barn just in case we got rain. There was everything from knick-knacks, dishes, video games, books, clothes, sewing paraphenalia, video tapes, toys, tools and hardware. We had wheels, furniture, radios, magazines, farm implements, bedding and linens. It seemed endless and despite all the stuff we had already disposed of, there seemed no end of it. Altogether, we sold over $1,700 worth of "junk". After it was finished, it looked like we had sold nothing. We decided that we would save what was left and we would have another sale later, once the house was sold.

We took possession of our new "home" on wheels. It was beautiful, however there were a couple of things that were not completed as ordered so we made an appointment to return to the factory to have them done. It was scheduled for early June and would become our maiden voyage. I started to figure out what was needed to go into the motorhome and what we could live without. We parked it beside the house and I would take a load of belongings into it and after unpacking, would just sit there and quietly meditate. I often just sat there to take it all in and visualize the day when this motorhome would become our only home.

On May 18, I went with Jay's girlfriend, Rachel to visit a "spiritual healer" Rosanne Mancari in Orillia. I was interested to meet her because a lot of what she did was similar to Reiki although also very different. What an amazing experience! It was one more event that would forever change my life.