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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 26 May 2003 00:00

After our first encounter, Rosanne has proven to be a very special woman and a dear friend. She is an extremely gifted person and when I am with her, I feel deeply honoured. She seems to have a direct connection with our Creator and a gentleness that is hard to describe. Rosanne works with her "high guide" Running Bear, to help people heal themselves, both spiritually and physically.

To watch her "in action" is unlike anything I have ever experienced. When Running Bear is there, her closed eyes move back and forth rapidly, her face becomes elongated, her cheek-bones become more pronounced and her mouth changes shape. Rosanne is of native heritage and her gift is something she became aware of only five years ago. Most of her abilities have come to her in dreams or visions. She has taught me so much about life, God, spirituality and our connection with nature.

Rosanne often hears spirit and has shared many messages with the people she is working with. I know now that it was merely a matter of time before we met. Rosanne is long-time friends with Eddy, a man who used to work for my late husband, Jim. Her son Michael sat next to Jay in a high school German class and he is a good friend of Angie's. One of Rosanne's best friends, Bonnie, is an old Grade 8 classmate of mine and another good friend of hers is the sister-in-law of some other friends of mine. I believe everyone crosses our path for a reason at the time they are supposed to and I am so grateful that at last our paths have connected. Rosanne, thank you for coming into my life!