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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 13 August 2003 00:00

Doreen Virtue is a world renowned "Angel Authority". I had read a few of her books, seen her on television and owned a deck of her "Angel Oracle cards". When I learned that she would be in Toronto to promote her latest book, on August 13th, I "felt" I was supposed to go and after conferring with Rick, I registered us for her appearance.

We arrived early for Doreen's seminar and were able to get seated at the front. I expected to learn about "Archangels and Ascended Masters" the title of her latest book. There were approximately 400 people in attendance and Doreen started talking about her book. She discussed when and where we could call on the various angels for their help and what Archangels and Ascended Masters do. Doreen teaches weeklong classes all over the world on how to connect with angels and use that to help others. She then introduced her latest Ontario graduates from the class held earlier in the year in Ireland. During a break, I walked up to one of her grads, Christine Barrett a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Reiki therapist. We instantly felt some sort of connection and have since become good friends.

After the break, Doreen polled the audience to see if any of us had been getting a lot of the same number sequences lately. As we called out 222's, 555's, etc. and in my case 888's, she would tell us their meaning. However, in my case, she came over to me with a microphone. She told me that the significance of 888's meant a phase of my life was about to end and she saw a real estate sale and good fortune around me. She told me that a spirit was there with me who we determined to be Jim. She told me (correctly) that I had been worried about finances and that Jim was saying to me "You have always led a charmed life, why would it be any different now?" He told her to tell me to stop worrying, that I was on the right path, surrounded by white light. When she finished talking, she pulled an angel card. It was the "power" card that she said indicated that I have a power I wasn't even aware of yet, but that I should tap into it.

We left there, knowing that something very powerful was happening to us and realized that this move was something we were meant to do. Ignoring any of this was not an option and we both knew our lives would never be the same again.