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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 10 August 2003 00:00

I just "felt" the house sale was coming and when it did, I wanted to be ready to leave with no regrets. We started to put treasured things in storage and prepared for the next garage sale. We were still accepting guests in the B & B but our Internet advertising was soon to expire and when it did, we would really start clearing things out, including furniture, so we would close the B & B down. Some of our guests were saddened by the news but happy for us. We had changed real estate agents in July and our new agent, Barb Brindle of Remax Realty was working hard at finding new venues to market the house.

I found a whole new appreciation for the little things in life. I loved cloudy, dreary days as much as sunny days; quiet, solitary days as much as busy, fun-filled ones; nothing escaped my appreciation. I absorbed everything and wanted more. Most of us go through life with blinders on. Usually, something traumatic has to happen to wake us up and even then we can be blind. We are constantly being sent messages and once we become aware of them, the information we receive is amazing. After reading several books and studying some native teachings, I started to pay attention to those messages by observing nature. I often had some very detailed dreams with animals in them and once I understood the meanings of the animals, they were very prophetic. I would go for walks around the property and come across various birds or insects that all held very clear messages.

One day, I was walking around the property and I came across a large pine shrub. Something caught my eye and I observed a little chickadee that seemed to be staring at me, chirping. I stopped to watch it when I saw it being joined by several others, one at a time. I was mesmerized by the chirping and fluttering as the number of chickadees in this shrub multiplied. When I returned to the motorhome I looked up the meaning of chickadees. They hold the promise of success in new endeavours if we prepare ourselves inwardly first. They are also a sign that things are changing around us for the better. How significant considering what we are going through!