Three Reasons to Celebrate PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 21 August 2003 00:00

August 21st is a day for many celebrations! Firstly, today is my sister, Christine's, 50th birthday. She had a regular day at work and when she returned home, she and Fred (her husband) decided to go to their cottage for the evening. Fred suggested they stop along the way at Jody's (their daughter) house to pick up the dog. Well, imagine Christine's surprise to find a beautiful Honda S2000 sports car with a ribbon on it sitting in Jody's driveway. This was a huge surprise to her as she wasn't expecting a car and had never received anything like this before.

My sister is the one constant in my life. When we were little, Dad, as a pilot in the air force, was transferred every two to four years, so we moved a lot. We became each other's best friend and very often, only friend, until we were in our early teens when Dad retired. Though we have settled and led very different lives, we remain great friends. I have depended on her often and she has been a huge influence on me, though I have never told her. I feel so lucky to have a "big" sister and my love and respect for Christine is endless.

Secondly, after living at the same address for twenty-one years, today the township paved our road. The road has been a source of endless dust in the dry months and potholes and mud in the wet months. Religiously, every spring I would call the township office to plead our case and beg for them to pave our road. You see, it seemed every road but ours was being paved, most of them dead-end or barely used. Our road is a direct route to the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport and Oro-Medonte Municipal Offices from  Horseshoe Valley and The Sugarbush, two thriving, populated resort communities. I have never figured out the logic behind the paving of township roads, however, I was pleased when it was finally done, regardless of the fact that we were selling our property. Hmmm...... perhaps they were waiting for me to leave!

Thirdly, all day I kept getting the overwhelming feeling that the house would sell on November 8th. I called Barb, our real-estate agent to tell her that the house was going to sell then. She asked me how I knew and all I could only tell her was that that was the message I was getting from my angels. So now, I had three reasons to celebrate!