And Ryder Phoenix Makes Three! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 12:11
ryder sept 9.jpgAs is my norm of late, it has been a really long while since I last wrote.  Rick finally made it to Ontario to meet the latest addition to our family, however due to the fact that Angie’s labour from start to finish was a mere six hours, he missed the actual birth event. Ryder Phoenix made his debut shortly after midnight on August 27th, weighing in at a “whopping” 6 pounds 8 ounces. True to her way of being, Angie only stayed at the hospital for three hours after giving birth (as per hospital protocol) and promptly went home where she, Brandon and their new son could nestle into their own space.

Because our "travel agent", Jamie, was away in Shanghai, Rick had to wait for his return to get a flight booked so we spent Labour Day weekend at Harrison Hot Springs with Jay, Karley, Ian, Makai and Monet enjoying some relaxation after a hectic workweek. It was nice to spend time together with our BC family at a beautiful resort destination and though the weather could have been better, we had a great time. Makai and Monet were very excited to learn that they had a cousin, “Baby Ryder” in Ontario and were thrilled to see the pictures of him as Angie sent them through her cell phone.

Rick flew out to Ontario on Tuesday morning and with the help of our awesome AllCare staff, once again, I held down the show here in BC. Rick spent four days and nights enjoying, loving and admiring his tiniest grandson and basking in the time spent with the little fellow’s parents. Meanwhile, Karley and Ian headed off to Lake Tahoe for a convention and Makai and Monet came to the condo for a sleepover on Saturday.

When Rick returned to BC on Saturday afternoon he was greeted at the airport by two older; yet still little, grandchildren who wanted to know why “Baby Ryder” wasn’t with him. He did come armed with lots of pictures, one which you see here of the little angel!