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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 24 August 2008 10:13
aug 24-08.jpgMy friend Laura Ouellette from Denver wrote to me today, giving me a nudge to write…. apparently it has been over a month since my last entry, which really surprised me. It just seems like yesterday when I wrote here last! I suppose that is testament that our lives are so busy that time is truly flying by and for that we are not complaining but it leaves me little time to update the site (or anything else for that matter)…. so here I go.

Nerds on Site is keeping me busy Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays while Rick and AllCare keep me busy Mondays and Fridays. Between Mini drives, visiting the grandkids and checking out areas of the lower mainland we haven’t seen yet, our time is pretty much fully occupied. 

This summer we sold the bedroom suite from our spare room and replaced it with a new Queen size Murphy bed; a much better solution for a two-bedroom condo. Now we have an office, library, Reiki room, art studio (I have started to delve into my long lost artistic abilities… more later) and guest room, depending on what is needed at any given time. 

When I was in high school, art class was one of my favourites and one I did fairly well at. I figured with SO much time on my hands, now would be a good time to take it up again!! Wink Who knows where it will lead but it certainly is giving me an opportunity to NEVER be bored!  It has been well over thirty years since I explored my creative side artistically so at the very least, this is interesting.

Rick flew back to Ontario two weeks ago after receiving a phone call from Angie who is due to give birth any day now (her due date was actually on the 21st). It seems junior was just making sure his Mom was ready and that his Grampa would show up on time, a false alarm…. this time.  With Jamie’s help (he gets us Air Canada passes) Rick can get back on short notice so hopefully Angie’s little guy will make his debut sometime soon. Because AllCare is so busy, one of us has to stay here to run the show so I will stay behind for now but I am hoping to head back later in the fall to meet the latest addition to the clan!
So to Laura Ouellette and anyone else who was curious…you are now updated with our latest news. I’ll try not to put so much time between updates again!