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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 11:02
oct 7-08.jpgOkay Laura Ouellette, here goes…an update at long last. And where do I start?

Three weeks ago, Rick and I looked at the AllCare schedule and decided to make some changes. Though the shop was open six days a week, we could see that it was really only generating fives days of revenue. Typically Saturdays were intentionally booked light because we weren’t there, closing time was at 4:00 PM and it was a day off for one of the staff. Mondays were also light because it was our shop foreman’s day off and then for the rest of the week we staggered everyone else’s day off. In fact the only day we had a full staff roster was on Thursday and it was by far our busiest day as a result. After consulting with all our employees we decided to close the shop on Mondays and extend our Saturday hours until 5:00. The new system seems to be working very well; our staff members are happy that they all get two days off in a row, our Saturday clients are happy that we can accommodate more of them and now we are fully staffed five days a week.

Now I work at AllCare on Fridays and Saturdays and Rick and I enjoy getting lots of things accomplished together on Sundays and Mondays. This past Sunday was a day of total relaxation; we both spent time watching TV and being lazy (a rare event) and yesterday we voted in the advanced poll, shopped in Bellingham for pillows and enjoyed lunch at one of our favourite restaurants.

At last our “new” branding has been finished; the side of the building has been repainted with the new logo and we had an artist create a mural to match the minis. It is definitely unique and catches the eyes of everyone who drives past. Between the cars, the sign and the mural, there is no doubt who we are and where we are located! Laughing