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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 03 December 2007 00:46
dec 4-07.jpgOver the weekend, winter arrived all across Canada... with a vengeance. We are officially “all white”…coast to coast, east to west, north to south…at least Mother Nature is. Here on the west coast our 8 inches of wet, white stuff has already started melting rapidly and is creating havoc all over the lower mainland, with flooding and slick roads. It was pretty while it lasted but with expected highs above 10C and rain for the next few days, it will be nothing more than a memory very soon.

Yesterday we drove over to the shop to get some work done while it was closed and quiet and with no interruptions, we got a lot accomplished. On Friday I was so frazzled I felt completely “out of control” and possibly the most disorganized I have ever felt before. (It seems Friday’s are my “black” days.) Anyway, after a most productive weekend, things seem much better today and I do think there is a light at the end of yet another tunnel.

The hardest adjustment for me so far is getting used to the pace that folks get things done in BC; no one is in a hurry, things just get done when they get done. I have had a heck of a time getting Internet service; Telus just doesn’t seem to want new business, so finally Shaw is installing it on Wednesday. Because of Telus’s blasé attitude, finding an alternative phone carrier is proving to be a challenge. The system in the shop is almost as antiquated as the system was at Grandview Lodge when we acquired it in April of 1988!! Telus had no intention of sending out a technician for our "new" service (the shop is currently with a company called “Navigata”) and couldn’t even tell me when they would be able to turn service on without a tech. It is like being in Jamaica without the weather! I was so frustrated on Thursday, I considered driving to Hastings Street, buying a green garbage bag full of our infamous “BC Bud” (pot), taking it home and smoking the whole damn thing. Maybe after that I might get into the "Ya man, No worries" attitude of west coast dwellers!Laughing

Here’s a picture I took yesterday morning as the snow was beginning to fall. It got much heavier as the day progressed.