Not AGAIN.... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 23 September 2007 09:09
sept 24-07.jpgFirst let me apologize for taking so long to discover that ONCE AGAIN, the website was malfunctioning. Because my frequency of writing has greatly diminished, I was unaware of it until Karley called me last night. Again it was a server issue because I couldn’t even access it however I am back up and running today so I am happy.

After a 12 hour day of painting and only accomplishing a wall and some baseboards, we decided we would hire professional painters. Whew. Good call! Rick left BC at noon on Friday to head to the Travel Supreme factory with the Moho; the last of some warranty work needs to be completed before we actually sell it. As I write this, the living room/kitchen area has been completed and it is all finally coming together. This afternoon a guy from the local Sony Store came over and hooked up the surround systems for both TVs. When Rick gets back in a couple of weeks, this place will be all put together and he’ll walk into a real home not the chaotic mess he left. Lucky Rick!

Yesterday and Saturday, Karley’s neighbour, Carmen, (she is a paint/drywall/construction expert) came over to help and when she left last night all that my painters had left today was the second coat in the living/kitchen area. While Carmen painted, I installed new shelving in the hall and spare room closets so I can actually start putting things away. Arbutus Closets are starting the work on our organizer and hopefully can install it in the second or third week of October. My clothes are still in boxes until the furniture arrives but thankfully I have located a couple of things to wear and all I can say is that it’s a good thing that we have a washer and dryer!

My body aches in places I didn’t know I had, I am running on roughly 4½ hours sleep a night but I am excited, overwhelmed, happy and tired all rolled into one. No pictures yet; you’ll have to wait until it is all together, but I took this one just forthis page a few minutes ago. I just love our view and the fact that it looks different everytime I look outside…….. and of course the fact that it never goes away!