Soooooo Tired.... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 26 September 2007 14:35
img_5162 (small).jpgWhen we chose this condo, we had looked at several already and narrowed our choice down to two before actually making a firm decision. The other condo that was in in contention is only a couple of blocks from here and it was on a higher floor giving it a better view of both directions of the river. However it was in a much older building and the condo itself required a lot of upgrading to bring it to the standard of this one. In the end, by the time the needed renovations were done, the two condos would have ended up costing us the same.

The chaos that we (me) are facing here with the painting and unpacking is minor compared to what major renovations would have caused so for that I am grateful. The painting is now complete and it looks awesome and so I thought it was safe to start unpacking. Before Rick headed east we discussed replacing the off-white, Berber carpet in both bedrooms because everytime Sam walks across the room her claws catch on the carpet and even though it has been cleaned, the carpeting looks dirty. I took a chance yesterday and went to End-of-the Roll, just a few minutes away to see if I could find something I liked. I did but I figured it would be a three or four week turn-around before it could be installed and by then Rick would be back to help move the furniture (which arrives on Monday).

Imagine my surprise when they called me in the afternoon to tell me because of a cancellation, it can be installed on Saturday before the furniture arrives! Great! Waaaaa! Now I am repacking boxes, dismantling the bookcase that Carmen and I installed and anchored and moving everything back into my living room. Fortunately Jay is coming by tomorrow to help me move the bookcase shells and hopefully I can coax him into coming back on Sunday to move them back again. With the furniture arriving on Monday, the rooms need to be easily accessible in order to set everything up and all I want to do is lay around for a whole day doing nothing. With all this “moving around” I don’t see that day arriving anytime soon so unlike my cat, who sleeps much of her day curled up on the PVR, I will continue to be exhausted!