Long Days, Short Nights PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 18 September 2007 16:03
sept 19-07.jpgMoving day was long, okay incredibly long; we were on the go before 7:00 AM, loading the mattress along with a few odds and ends and heading west from Mission to New Westminster by 8:45. It was well after midnight before we finally closed our eyes and though we were exhausted, 7:00 AM came early the next day as well. Who would know a motorhome could hold so much stuff? Seriously, it baffles the heck out of me as to where it was all stashed in the Moho.

Basically we just had to unpack boxes; over 36 of them and put everything away however it seemed like we were just moving the same things from place to place, room to room. We desperately needed some organizing gadgets for the drawers and cupboards and fortunately both Ikea and Home Depot are only 15 minutes away so that problem was easily solved. Our bedroom has a huge walk in closet but is in need of a closet organizing system so over the past three days we have had four different manufacturers measuring and coming up with plans and prices. In the meantime, we have painting to get done; every room is getting a colour change, including the doors and trim, no small task.

Our condo is only a year old and the previous owners kept it in immaculate condition; it was like new when we walked in however we need to make it ours. With a little paint, the transformation in the Yaletown condo was so dramatic that we want to do the same thing here. Because this one is almost double in size, we can be a little more creative and though I am sticking with earth tones there will be noticeable colour differences in each room. Today we painted half the living room so we can get the TV mounted and the couch and chair (our only furniture other than the mattress) in place. Everything else arrives on October 1st which gives us time to finish painting first.

There are still over a dozen large boxes to unpack but with no furniture to put things away in they will remain packed until the end of the month. We have found our counter tops again and I do see a light at the end of this tunnel. We have a great view of the Fraser River and though I didn’t get any pics this morning when it was covered in a rolling fog, here is one I took on Monday. For more pics of the condo check out the Flickr link to the left!