One More Night PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 15 September 2007 14:36
sept 16-07.jpgToday is our last official night of living in a motorhome; our abode will go from being mobile to being stationary, from metal and rubber to Stix and Brix tomorrow. We are no longer rootless, choosing instead to settle in the west close to the youngest generation of our brood. Though our original goal had been to travel for a minimum of five years we never had any solid plans, choosing instead to take each day as it came. We saw more scenery than most people and experienced a lifestyle many only dream about. We have no regrets and as this new book of life unfolds before us, we are excited about the possibilities.

It is with mixed emotions that we will spend our last night sleeping in what has been our home for four years, two months and two weeks. (Though December 28th marks our four year life on the road, we officially moved into the Moho on July 1, 2003.) I am excited about having a big kitchen again; a big bathroom and a separate washer and dryer but I will miss exploring new places and discovering new sights.

Tomorrow we will load our Tempurpedic mattress, a few hanging clothes and the last of our office supplies into the trailer. We are meeting our real estate agent at the condo at 9:30 AM to get the keys and then the fun will begin. I’ll keep you informed and add pictures as we progress.

It was 14 years ago today that Jim went out for a boat ride and didn’t come back so it has been a day of remembering. Here I am with Helen, his mom, taken at the airport before she headed back to Ontario after her visit earlier in the month.