Eight More Sleeps... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 08 September 2007 12:48
sept 9-07.jpg…but who’s counting? Okay maybe I am but I go to sleep at night and I wake up at a ridiculously early hour every morning thinking about our new life. We finished cleaning the Moho inside and out this weekend, including the basement and I posted some additional pictures on Flickr. The weather is marvellous and finally we are getting the weather BC wanted all summer; sunny, warm (26C or 79F in Mission today) and a forecast calling for more of the same all week. It gave us a great opportunity to get a lot of things done without tracking any dirt back inside.

At the new condo we are having to switch from Bell ExpressVu for our TV and from Galaxy Broadband for our internet to Shaw Cable, a scary transition. I know I’ll love the cable for the internet however the thought of using cable for television is not at all appealing but unfortunately we cannot have a dish on our balcony. Even if we could, it faces the wrong direction anyway, so I have made arrangements for Shaw to activate us on the 17th. Because we have a broadband phone, it is already active and it will be a simple matter of plugging it in once we get there. We have several in-home consultations booked for the installation of closet organizers to possibly eliminate some bedroom furniture, making our already large bedroom seem even larger and certainly tidier.

Today Karley started a new job; outside of the home working part time at a very progressive, high end, busy salon in Langley. It will give her adult interaction, some on-the-job upgrading of her already skilled talent and a little independence; all key ingredients to balance her home life. She returned at the end of her first day, tired but enthusiastic and looking forward to her next work day on Wednesday. Here is the picture I took this past Wednesday of Helen, Karley, Monet and Makai before we left the house on our way to the airport.