Strolling Down Memory Lane PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Friday, 04 May 2007 13:16
may 5-07.jpgYesterday while Armand and Rick worked at the motorhome, Helen came by and she and I headed back to her place so I could work on her computer. She has been having some problems with it for a while and I promised her I would fix it for her while we were in Ontario. Because our Ontario stay has been cut short, I am trying to be as efficient with my time as possible so I was glad that her schedule was flexible. We had a great visit and her computer is now working perfectly again. She will be attending Bill and Laura’s wedding next weekend so we will have another opportunity to visit before we leave here on the 15th.

Today we dropped by Laura’s folk’s place in Coulson to see if there was anything we could do to help them prepare for next weekend. Afterwards we stopped by the Coulson Castle, our former homestead, to see Monty and Traci, the new owners. Though there seemed to be few noticeable changes (at first glance and which I was wrong) to me it felt like I was driving up to a different home, not the one I had spent twenty years in. They graciously invited us in for a visit and showed us some of the recent changes. The house is even more beautiful than it was when we owned it and Monty thanked us once again for selling it to them. It really is a house that deserves to be loved by it’s owners and it is very obvious that Monty and Traci are perfect for it.

Tonight Rick and I, along with Bill and Laura, joined Chris and Fred for dinner at their cottage on Gloucester Pool. It has been a while since we have been there and it too was a treat to visit; more “old stomping grounds” for Rick and I. Back in the summer of 1994 while on a boat trip from the resort we owned on Sparrow Lake to visit Chris and Fred at their cottage, we fell in love with a neighbouring cottage subsequently purchasing it. For the next three years we spent many summer days-off, (when you own a seasonal resort you only get one day off a week) many winter weekends and a few winter weeks enjoying our cottage and being Christine and Fred’s neighbours. Because we just couldn’t use it enough we finally sold it one Easter weekend to someone who wanted it more but we still enjoy returning to the area.

Today was truly a stroll down memory lane, in fact two memory lanes and it was great. Part of Bill and Laura’s wedding gift from us was a really good camera. They are both very gifted photographers and we wanted to be sure they nurture that talent. Bill set up their camera and mine and took this picture of all of us at the cottage tonight.