No Rest In Sight PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 02 May 2007 11:53
may 3-07.jpgLast night after returning home though our bodies were warm, our feet and hands were so cold we felt chilled to the bone. The one thing about snowmobiling is that we each had our own, the handle bars were heated and our feet stayed warm because they were tucked in near the warmth of the exhaust. I know some of the newer bikes have handlebar warmers but ours is not one of them. Once we got inside the Moho, we cranked up the heat and as a result we slept until almost 9:00 this morning. Even still, we both woke up feeling slow and hung-over; quite a feat considering we don’t drink. Being over the age of 50 and late nights just don’t go together like they used to when we were younger!

Once we got going, Rick made some modifications to the car loading system of the trailer, a task he has been thinking about for a long time. Thanks to having the use of Fred’s welder he created some new ramps inside the trailer where the car will remain securely in place while we travel. The new system is much easier to use and he has created an extra foot of storage space in the process.

Meanwhile I spent my day organizing our taxes (they don’t have to be filed until June 15th) and faxing tons of paperwork to the accountant. After I was finished with that, I began the process of putting things in place to close the condo deal. As of this writing it should be completed between the 15th and 17th of May and we don’t need to be there for it to happen.

Late this afternoon we learned that Travel Supreme wants us to return to Wakarusa to have the paintwork completed. So once again our visit to Ontario has been shortened (we have to be there for the morning of the 16th) which will mean the next 13 days will be busier than ever. They’ll be no resting for this couple and I just hope we can get everything done in time.

This picture was taken yesterday of Bryden (on the left) and her little sister Faith, on the right, and as you can see they don’t rest much either!